How to password protect or encrypt PDFs [Tip]

Want to know how to password protect a PDF document? Well, that’s easy especially if you already have a PDF viewer with a built-in file encryption feature such as Adobe Acrobat 8 or 9. Now, for whatever reason, let’s just say that you don’t. Like, for example, you’re in a net café and you are not allowed to install any software or programs. Is there any other way for you to be able to secure and lock a PDF file?

How To Add And Remove Widgets In iOS 8

Since we already spent a lot of time discussing the abridged biography of iOS 8, we will skip that particular introduction and go right to the meat of the matter. Widgets are now regular constituents of iOS 8, located where iOS 7 offered a control no more complex than an off switch; you can now completely customize your Notification Center and what widgets you show there and in what order. Let us take a look at how to do exactly that on iOS 8.

Let me preface this guide with an obvious proviso; you will need to have widgets installed for any of this to be effective. If I am being obvious, I will go one step further and reassert that you will need iOS 8 installed for any of this to work. Widgets can be downloaded from the App Store as any normal app would. Some widgets are exclusively widgets with an app icon for configuration, while other widgets supplement an app. Evernote and Dropbox serve as examples of the latter.

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‘Deadpool’ Movie Gets Go-Ahead At Fox; Will Ryan Reynolds Finally Make A Decent Comics Movie?

Deadpool lives. Marvel’s Merc with the Mouth will finally get his own solo movie after years in production limbo according to an announcement by Twentieth Century Fox, which has scheduled the picture for a February 2016 release — on Valentine’s Day weekend, no less. Deadpool is love.

Tim Miller is attached to direct, and Ryan Reynolds is expected to reprise his role from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, though no official deal has been announced. Fox also pushed back its Josh Trank-directed Fantastic Four movie from June 19th 2015 to August 7th, to cover for a Michael Fassbender Assassin’s Creed movie that’s been bumped off the calendar due to production delays.

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Geek-Art : une Anthologie Volume 2 is coming !

CV GEEK ART 04 686x350 Geek Art : une Anthologie Volume 2 is coming !

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How to download files from Command Prompt in Windows [Tip]

Every modern web browser has a built-in option that allows users to download a remote file from a specific source. This is a good thing because you no longer need to install another software or program just to download some text files, PDF documents, MP3s, FLV and MP4 videos, etc. However, there are also limitations to what you can do so you might want to consider learning how to download files from the command prompt in Windows.

Horizon Will Never Let You Record Another Vertical Video Again [Android]

Vertical videos are the bane of our time. As much as we all hate them when we click play, we don’t really remember to turn our device on its side so we can record a proper horizontal video. Google Camera came up with a solution to that with one of its earlier versions where the app doesn’t record unless it detects your device is held correctly and I think that was genius. It’s something Apple should consider brining to iOS. Horizon is an Android app that takes the fight against vertical videos one step further and lets you hold you device any way you want while it continues recording in the correct landscape mode. The free version of the app lets you record for fifteen seconds and an upgrade worth $ 0.99 will let you record without any time restrictions. With the free version, you also get a watermark at the bottom right of your video and promotional animation for Horizon at the end.

Launch the app and start recording. You need only understand one thing and that is the app’s three recording modes. The Flex recording mode will change the the size of the frame as you turn your device so that the image fills the screen. The Rotate mode has a fixed frame size and simply records in landscape regardless of how you’re holding your device. The Locked mode locks orientation to however the device is held. The app’s settings let you adjust the camera resolution, the video quality and the default mode of the app.

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ComiXology Announces Second Wave Of Publishers With DRM-Free Titles

DRMFree ComiXology Announces Second Wave Of Publishers With DRM Free Titles

Back in July, ComiXology addressed one of the biggest questions people had with its digital comics service: Do customers actually own the issues they buy?

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