Record A Portion Of A Twitch Stream While It’s Still Live

Twitch remains the popular platform for streaming gameplay despite YouTube introducing its own dedicated version for game lovers. People continue to visit the network that’s built to cater to every need a broadcaster or a viewer might have to enjoy a good stream. With the popularity of Twitch, several apps and services have cropped to take advantage of it or build a product on top of it. If you often watch streams on Twitch TV then Oddshot is a Firefox add-on and Chrome plugin that lets you record a portion of stream much like taking a screenshot. You can save it in MP4 format.

Install the add-on if you use Firefox, or go with the Plugin if you prefer to use Chrome. Visit a stream that’s live. You have to go visit the channel page with the live stream. The add-on adds a button next to the URL bar. When you want to take a ‘snapshot’ of the stream, click this button and wait for it to prompt you that’s it’s ready. Once it’s ready, you will see a ‘Take Shot’ button. Click it.

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Backup Your Android Notifications & Review Them After They’ve Been Dismissed

Notifications, once you dismiss them are gone with no way to recall them unless the app they are from has its own notification tab. If you’ve ever accidentally dismissed every notification on your device and later needed to look at one again, you might have wished there were a way to undo it. NotiBox is a free Android app that periodically backs up notifications and lets you review them any time. It also has a do not disturb mode that will stop all notifications but will still record and back them up.

Install NotiBox and grant the app permission to access your notifications. Once it has access, you can set it up to begin backing up the notifications. Tap the button at the top right and go to the app’s settings. If you’d like to back up system notifications as well, you will have to enable the ‘System Notifications’ option from the Settings screen. You can also choose how far back the app should back notifications up.

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How to use a different account for Windows Store in Windows 10 [Tip]

Windows Store is a critical component in Windows now as Microsoft has promoted it really hard and they have tried to move most built-in apps to the Store. Since Windows 10 launch back in last summer, Microsoft reports three billion visits to the Store. Download and purchase activities also have grown with Windows 10. To download or buy something in Windows Store, user must have a Microsoft Account (MSA). But do you know that you can share a MSA with other persons (like your family) so you don’t have to buy something twice? In this post, I’ll show you how to sign in to the Store with a different MSA.

How Do VR Headsets Work Without An Action Button?

Google Cardboard was one of the first ridiculously cheap ways for people to experience virtual reality. It’s cardboard material might raise questions as to its durability and long term use but there is no denying that the device made VR apps more accessible for everyone. Since then, many other VR headsets made by smaller manufacturers to big names like Samsung have entered the market. With some of these other headsets, you might notice a small design and feature difference i.e., some headsets do not have an action button. This might raise the question as to how you will ‘navigate’ a VR app if your headset doesn’t have an action button which, frankly, quite a few don’t. You might even wonder if what you’re getting is a substandard device. Here’s how a VR headset without an action button works and the implications of buying one.

For those who don’t know what the action button on Google Cardboard does, it’s how you interact with a VR app when you’re phone is inserted inside the headset. The button lets you ‘click’ or ‘tap’ elements in the app without having to remove your phone from the headset. It’s a magnetic button located at the side (image courtesy Google Developers) which, when you spin, will send a signal to your phone.

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How to install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S6 [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S6Samsung Galaxy S6 owners can change the stock ROM for a custom ROM that is made by third-party developers. Since the Sammy S6 is one of the most popular devices in the world, you should find some of the best developers out there making new ROMs. The device is still only new, so the number of custom ROMs available is still limited. Nevertheless, there is still a few worth checking out already, and we can expect many more coming in the future months ahead.

Check How Many Authentic Reviews An App Has On The App Store

The App Store has an exceptionally large number of apps available for iOS users. So large is the number that Apple boasts about it at least once a year when it announces the next iPhone. It may surprise you, or perhaps not, that the App Store has thousands of apps that have never been downloaded even once. Additionally, many app developers fall victim to app cloning where apps similar to theirs are copied and distributed under slightly different names. The point is, it’s hard to get visibility and downloads in the crowded App Store. One way to improve your chances is of course through app reviews. Unfortunately, these too can be fake. Companies that can afford to do so will employ people to leave positive reviews on their apps. Developers will often unlock certain features in their apps if people leave them a review or rating on the App Store. AppRecs is a little free web app that aims to counter all this. It lets you look up an app and judges how many of its reviews appear to be authentic.

Visit AppRecs and enter the name of the app you intend to download. AppRec will show you a list of matching titles and under each one, it will indicate how many trusted reviews the app has. You can also see the rating for the app on the App Store.

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On The Cheap: Get ‘Shaft,’ ‘Django/Zorro’ And More In This Week’s Humble Bundle


This week marked the release of Shaft: Imitation of Life, the second miniseries about the legendary private eye from Dynamite, and if you somehow missed out on the first series — one of last year’s best minis — then here’s a bit of good timing for you. This week’s Humble Bundle features David F. Walker and Bilquis Eveley‘s Shaft: A Complicated Man.

But it’s not alone, either. For fifteen bucks, you can grab everything that’s on offer, including Garth Ennis and Aaron Campbell’s The Shadow: Fires of Creation, a collaboration between Neil Gaiman and Alice Cooper, and one of the most enjoyable crossovers in a long while, Django/Zorro.

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