Force Windows Apps To Open As Maximized

One of my favorite Windows features  is window management. Specifically, the Snap feature is what I love. Windows 10 has improved it significantly for anyone working with a large monitor. Modern apps can also run full screen on the desktop. The snap feature is so popular that it causes envy among OS X users though they might not admit it. Apart from this very obvious and very awesome way to manage windows, the OS  offers a few obscure settings to manage windows better. If you”re looking for a way to always open an app with a fully maximized window, while wanting to make other selective apps open as normal sized and/or minimized windows, there is a simple trick to it that lets you do just that.

Pick the app you want to set to always open as maximized window. Open the app’s shortcut’s properties. You can this from both the desktop or from the taskbar depending where you’ve placed the shortcut. To open the properties of a shortcut on your desktop, right click it and select Properties from the context menu. To open the properties of shortcut on the taskbar, right click it, right click the application name and select Properties.

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How to add sticky notes to app windows in Windows [Tip]

Sticky Notes are one of the accessories included with Windows. With that accessory you can stick notes to the desktop. However, they don’t include any options that stick them to application windows. To add notes to software windows, check out Stick A Note.

‘Gotham’ Season 1 Recap, Episode 5: ‘Viper’

The news that actress Morena Baccarin (Firefly, Homeland) will be joining Fox’s crime drama Gotham, with a recurring role as the compassionate physician Dr. Leslie Thompkins, brings hope to a show currently heaving with villainy. Considered a surrogate parental figure to young Bruce Wayne, the good doctor appeared in over 200 issues of DC Comics and several episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. However, Dr. Thompkins has never been portrayed in a live-action film or television show. In the meantime, Bruno Heller’s Gotham appears to suffer from too much of the same motif: The murder of mother Martha Wayne and father Thomas Wayne was a catalyst, giving way to a city of “orphans” forming replacement relationships best described as disrupted, disloyal, or enmeshed.

Alfred Enables Bruce

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How to add a transparent Start Menu to Windows 7 and 8 [Tip]

Windows Aero adds transparency to windows, but not the Start menu. However, you can still add a transparent Start menu to both Windows 7 and 8 with StartMenu7. As Windows 8 doesn’t have a Start menu, StartMenu7 is an even better addition to that platform.

What’s New In iOS 8.1

iOS 8.1 was released a few days back and since the release of iOS 8, this is the third update to the OS with iOS 8.0.1 and iOS 8.0.2 being rolled out earlier to deal with the many problems the OS brought with it. And iOS 8 did indeed bring quite a few problems with it. iOS 8.1 fixes some bugs but it also rolls out some other features that require Yosemite to be running on Macs. Talks and speculation of bugs aside, here is the list of the new features made available with the update.

ios 8.1 banner What’s New In iOS 8.1

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One Year of Batman Project – Batman and Robin by Michael Cho ON SALE

Michael Cho Batman and Robin2 566x350 One Year of Batman Project – Batman and Robin by Michael Cho ON SALE

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NBM Bring Étienne Davodeau’s Award-Winning ‘Lulu: Femme Nue’ To English As ‘Jude: Nude’

jude NBM Bring Étienne Davodeaus Award Winning Lulu: Femme Nue To English As Jude: Nude

For fans of international comics, 2015 is already stacking up very nicely indeed in terms of translated material: the Lastman series, David Rubin’s The Hero from Dark Horse, as well as his Beowulf adaptation with Santiago Garcia- to be published by Image, who are also releasing an English edition of Ken Niimura’s Henshin; no doubt there’ll be another installment of Frederik Peeters’ Aama from Self Made Hero, books 3 and 4 of Fabien Vehlmann’s and Bruno Gazzotti’s Alone, and hopefully more that are yet to be announced. And that’s without even touching any manga releases. It looks to be shaping up into another excellent year.

Adding to that pile are NBM with an English language release of Etienne Davodeau’s award-winning Lulu: femme neu (Lulu: naked woman), re-titled Jude: Nude. Originally published in two volumes in 2008 and 2010, Davodeau’s story of a woman who decides to suddenly take off one day after a job interview goes horribly wrong, leaving her husband and children to make time for, and discover, herself. What was a sudden whim to go to the beach turns into a longer journey in which she meets other people, many of whom are living in similarly odd circumstances. Lulu won a host of awards, including the  Prize “Essential” at the 2009 Angouleme Festival and was also adapted into a movie of the same name in 2013.

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