[Android] Bamboo Paper is an elegant notepad and sketchbook app

 [Android] Bamboo Paper is an elegant notepad and sketchbook appIf you go to the Play Store, you can find a wide variety of apps for drawing, sketching and writing notes. Apparently, each app differs in terms of features and functionality. Speaking of which, Bamboo Paper is a classy-looking notepad and drawing app that comes from Wacom – one of today’s leading manufacturers of pen displays and graphic tablets. Now, let’s find out if it can really live up to your expectations.

Geek-Art & French Paper Art Club present One Year of Batman Prints Project

bat2 686x350 Geek Art & French Paper Art Club present One Year of Batman Prints Project

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Voilà probablement l’annonce l’une des plus importantes que j’ai eu à faire sur le site de Geek-Art.net depuis sa création. Depuis des mois, Geek-Art et French Paper Art Club  travaillent dans l’ombre avec Warner sur une opération exceptionnelle, que nous lancerons officiellement dans quelques jours : One Year of Batman. Pour fêter les 75 ans du Chevalier Noir, nous avons demandé à des dizaines d’artistes du monde entier de nous livrer leur vision du Batverse. Chaque mois, nous vous proposerons des sérigraphies ultra limitées et numérotées sur le site dédié de French Paper Art Club.  Ces sérigraphies officielles DC Comics seront exclusives à French Paper Art Club et Geek-Art, et seront accompagnées de redesigns de couvertures cultes de notre Justicier. Nous sommes très, très fiers de ce que nous allons vous présenter, attendez-vous à du lourd dans les jours qui viennent, mais aussi à d’autres surprises tout au long de l’année, car Batman, après tout, a beaucoup d’alliés… 

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[Android] Cameringo is a camera app with live filters and fisheye effects

 [Android] Cameringo is a camera app with live filters and fisheye effectsNot satisfied with your current camera app? Well, you can start looking for an app that can actually provide you with the tools and features that you want. Speaking of which, have you already heard of this simple yet powerful app called Cameringo? It’s a camera and photo editing app that is fully packed with splendid live filters and photo effects.

How to undo, retract, or unsend sent email in Gmail [Tip]

There are times wherein we make mistakes. Apparently, there are mistakes that we can undo but there are also those that we cannot undo. Speaking of which, what if you accidentally make a mistake when writing and sending your emails? Is there any way for you to undo the emails that you’ve already sent? If you are using Gmail, then you certainly can.

Focusing All Of Human History Down To One Nine-Year-Old Child: Chuck Palahniuk Talks ‘Fight Club 2′ [Video Interview]

Eighteen years after Fight Club first saw print, author Chuck Palahniuk is returning to the world of Project Mayhem for a sequel — Fight Club 2 — which will take the form of a ten issue comic book series illustrated by Cameron Stewart and published by Dark Horse.

In this interview conducted at Comic-Con International in San Diego, the author talks to ComicsAlliance about why he chose to revisit the world of Fight Club, why he chose to do so in the comics medium, the process of learning how to write comics, his collaboration with Cameron Stewart, and how his ant-hero Tyler Durden may be much more than a figment in the Narrator’s imagination, but a force of nature dating back millennia, shaping all of human history to facilitate a plan he has for the Narrator’s nine-year-old son. And quite a bit more besides.

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How to root Samsung Galaxy K Zoom [Guide]

Agents Of SHIELD Blooper Reel, Casting News, Mockingbird, And Agent Carter Directors Revealed

The Marvel TV panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday featured several cast revelations that offer some hints about the shape of the second season of Agents of SHIELD. The panel also featured a couple of videos — a blooper reel, which you can see above, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, and a comedy bit with Patton Oswalt as Agent(s) Koenig.

The Oswalt video is mainly notable for hinting at another possible cast addition — none other than comic book Avenger Bobbi Morse, aka Mockingbird. If she’s really joining the cast, it could be a good omen for Agents of SHIELD’s second season, which begins September 22nd on ABC at the new time of 9pm.

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