How to copy full file path to clipboard in Windows Vista and 7 [Tip]

Here’s a quick tip for Windows Vista and 7. To enter full file paths into documents, you will need to open Windows Explorer and then locate the path. In Windows Vista and 7 Explorer includes a shortcut for copying files into documents.

Palette Picks Colors From Any Image And Gives You The HEX Or RGB Code [Web]

A good while back, Adobe launched Kuler for iOS. It’s an app that hasn’t left my iPhone since the day I reviewed it. There’s also a nice web app that does what the iOS app does all in your browser and it’s one of my oldest bookmarks. What Kuler does is that it helps create color themes from scratch or from a photo you like. For anyone wanting something simpler, there is Palette. It’s a very simple web app that you can drag & drop an image on to and it will find and list all colors used in that picture. The colors appear with their respective RGB or HEX codes, whichever one you want to use.

To find colors in an image, drag & drop it onto the app’s home page.

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How to open frequently used folders and documents with one click in Windows [Tip]

In Windows Explorer, you can open various files and folders by simply clicking on them. You can also sort them out or group them according their type, size, name, date modified, tags, etc. Now, what if you want to access your folders and documents in just one click? Is there any way for you to do that? Well, to be frank, there is but you’ll need to use a third-party software or app.

Geof Darrow, The Return Of Big Guy & Rusty The Boy Robot, And American Apathy [Review]

bguy Geof Darrow, The Return Of Big Guy & Rusty The Boy Robot, And American Apathy [Review]

The newly relaunched  Dark Horse Presents saw Geof Darrow make a welcome return to the pages of the anthology, with a new Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot story. Missing was Darrow’s collaborator on the original 1995 comic, Frank Miller; in an interview prior to the release of the new short story, Darrow said he’d talked to Miller and hoped he would still come on board to write some dialogue, but it didn’t read as overly convincing, so it wasn’t a surprise to see him listed as the sole author come release time. Needless to say, a Miller-less Big Guy makes for a very different reading experience.

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How to find out what font is used in an image or photo [Tip]

In a previous post, I’ve written a tip on how to find out the font used in a website. This time, you’re about to learn another tip and that is how to find out the type of font used in a photo or image.

Don’t Expect a Disney Animated Movie Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Any Time Soon

pixar marvel Dont Expect a Disney Animated Movie Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Any Time SoonDutchin, DeviantArt

When it was first announced that Disney was purchasing Marvel, the minds of many fans leapt immediately to the possibility of a Disney-Pixar animated Marvel movie. We’re sorta getting that in November with ‘Big Hero 6‘ but as that movie approaches, it’s become very clear that it’s not really much of Marvel movie at all, other than being loosely based on the obscure 90s comic. What fans really want to know is if we’ll ever see a Disney or Pixar animated movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. John Lasseter, who runs both Disney Animation and Pixar, has your answer: no.

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How to create factory restore (system recovery) partition in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 [Guide]

Some laptops and computers like Lenovo and Samsung have a built-in one key system recovery program. This helps you restore your damaged system to its previously backed up state. Now, what if your laptop has none? At some point in time, you may experience some serious issues like “Boot failure” or ‘Operating system not found”. This could be very troublesome especially if you do not have a backup recovery disc at hand.