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Lone Ranger Begins Shooting

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 at 12:45pm

What’s Dance Central doing in my Star Wars game?

Okay, so it&#8217s not really our Star Wars game, because Kinect Star Wars wasn&#8217t created for us in thoughts. It&#8217s made for youngsters and casual followers. Pod Racing, Jedi mode, Rancor destruction, all that doesn&#8217t matter, because now we have Dance mode! Yes, Princess Leia dances seductively for Jabba the Hut, and she&#8217s enjoying it also. WTF?

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Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen app contest announced

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note device is turning a lot of heads, not only simply because of its huge display but also due to the fact of the “S Pen” that comes with it, turning it into much more of a tablet/PDA hybrid than a conventional telephone. The only dilemma with launching one thing like that is that it is not a universal accessory and so developers want to have intense confidence in that 1 product if they want to incorporate it. Properly, that, or Samsung could just bribe them with the likelihood to win $ a hundred,000.

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Get In The Halfpipe!: A Mind-Controlled Skateboard

February 28, 2012


This is of the guys from Chaotic Moon Labs (pfft — your chaotic moon has nothing at all on the one particular in Majora’s Mask!) demonstrating their thoughts-controlled skateboard. Basically you put on the neurosensor headset, stand on the board, then think of a distant point. The board will go forward, and more quickly dependent on how far away the point is. To slow down and halt, you envision the point you needed to travel to becoming closer and closer, right up until you’re there. To die, you believe ‘GO GO GO — VROOM VROOM VROOM!’ although aimed at a cliff.

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Boney: Impressive Female Skeletor Cosplay

February 28, 2012


Have I ever informed you when I was watching the 1987 reside action He-Man film in the theater the film got caught in the projector and melted? That is a genuine story, I keep in mind it vividly. This is a lady cosplaying as He-Man’s arch-nemesis Skeletor at Megacon 2012. She is not truly boney like I stated in the title, that was just a reference to the true Skeletor. This lady really seems quite muscular — my guess is she performs out. Issue her hair? Almost certainly never.

Quick Fuse Pinups (me? I have zero fuse, BOOM! See?)
Raise Your Power Sword for this Female Skeletor Cosplay [obviouswinner]

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Nissan Navara Totally Obliterated by Truck Caught on Video

Wow… apparently this occurred on the M-7 in the Vladimir area of Russia. I didn’t believe that a present day automobile could be destroyed into so numerous bits and pieces by collision alone. Crazy. Sadly, the driver in the video did not make it and the funeral is becoming held nowadays in Balashikha. No one particular is aware of how and why this occurred.

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QR-coded condoms want to spread the locations of your sexual escapades

Where Did You Wear It

Planned Parenthood launched a campaign for end users to scan their QR-coded condoms to produce a map of in which safe sex happens.

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