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Ultrabook-MacBook Air clone hybrids spotted in China

Ultrabooks are eventually starting to consider hold in the Personal computer industry, even though the original MacBook Air remains as popular as ever. What’s an unscrupulous Shenzhen producer to do? Make the greatest of each worlds, obviously. The knock-off havens in China have lately began spouting models that look uncannily like modern ultrabooks, even down to Intel Core i3 processors – but the distributors even now couldn’t resist grabbing a community-made Windows skin and making the software program search like OS X.

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Pentagon Bailed On Avengers Due to ‘Unreality’ of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tuesday, Might 8th, 2012 at one:45pm

Work In Progress: Giant Full Frontal Star Wars Leg Tattoos


I have people exact same panties!

WOW, individuals…are truly gonna be one thing when they’re finished. A thing I think are tie-dye shorts from truly far away and then comprehend are giant Star Wars tattoos when I get up shut. $ 10 says a Jedi takes her Galactic Empire leg off in a lightsaber duel. You can’t perform both sides woman, you gotta pick 1! Back me up Lando — you know what I’m talking about! Lando? “When I’m not busy running Cloud City, I appreciate the smooth, crisp taste of Colt 45. Colt 45: it performs every single time.” F*** yes it does, toss me one of people!

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Bernie Wrightson Returns to ‘Frankenstein’ with Steve Niles in ‘Alive, Alive!’ [Preview]

Could 8th 2012 By: Andy Khouri

On sale this week from IDW Publishing is Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #one, which sees Bernie Wrightson return to the matter of one particular of his most enduring performs, the illustrated edition of Mary Shlley’s Frankenstein which was originally released all the way back in 1983. While that venture was a presentation of Shelley’s legendary prose alongside Wrightson’s stunning artwork, this miniseries sees the Swamp Thing co-creator team with author Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) to generate an actual comic book sequel that imagines what became of the monster following he was final observed in the traditional gothic tale. Continue reading

Marvel and comiXology announce deal

Right now comiXology announces that it has created an exclusive deal with Marvel to distribute single issue digital comics throughout the world through its platform. The agreement is a multi-year deal which strengthens Marvel’s pledge to bringing supporters its unprecedented line of common characters and lauded stories.

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The Future of Touch Technology…From Disney?

As ubiquitous as touch screens have turn into more than the previous decade or so, the future of touch technology is correct around the bend. Actually, it seems to be in Pittsburgh, PA, of all spots. Even significantly less expectedly, it can be located at the Disney Analysis facility there.

The new technology is a complicated touch and gesture sensing engineering referred to as “Touché” that makes use of a Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing strategy. This method primarily makes it possible for for sensors to read a assortment of actions, touches or gestures, instead than the traditional, binary method we see now with touch screens (generally, touch or no-touch).

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Leonard Nimoy Admits “I AM Spock” In This Exclusive Interview Excerpt

Star Trek Magazine has provided us an exclusive preview of their inteview with legendary actor Leonard Nimoy — 1 in which he admits the title of his 1975 autobiography “I Am Not Spock” was a mistake:

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