What Does 4G Mean?


4G refers to the fourth generation of cell phone mobile communication standards, and is the successor to 3G; which up until now has been the dominant method of data transfer and downloads to smartphones and other mobile devices. Now 4G is on the scene. The standards controlling 4G are defined by a governing body which is appointed by the United Nations, and mobile communications companies must use these regulations as a marker for performance. They must meet these standards in order to be classed as “4G”. The most important factor in improving mobile communication is speed – 4G phones and devices, therefore, are much faster when it comes to download speeds. A 4G phone offers download speeds from 250 to 500 times better than the very highest standards provided on 3G.

However, you should be wary of any phone that claims to be 4G – check out the specifications or ask some careful questions from your mobile phone vendor before making a purchase. Unfortunately, many of the devices claiming to offer 4G at the moment simply don’t meet the extremely high standards for 4G as set by ITU (the body appointed by the UN). They are, however, generally a lot faster than their 3G predecessors. This may be why finding a specific definition of 4G can be a little tricky – most of the devices claiming to provide it simply aren’t there yet. Don’t let this put you off upgrading to a supposedly “4G” phone from www.dialaphone.co.uk – just make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. These phones may not meet the very top of 4G standards, but they’re definitely top of the range at the moment and a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants the best of the bunch.

Phones and other similar mobile devices are getting better and faster every single day, so it shouldn’t be long before those 4G standards are actually within our reach.

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