Blizzard taking Valve to court over DOTA name

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I was hoping some thing like this wouldn’t arise, but it looks my fears have come to light at final. Gaming supergiant Blizzard has officially filed a lawsuit against competing gaming supergiant Valve in regards to their use of the DOTA name in their operating title, DOTA 2.

According to the legal documents, Blizzard claims that the DOTA name was originally a Blizzard licensed title when it was created years back in the original Warcraft III mod. Since of the seven 12 months historical past behind it, the title has turn into linked with Warcraft, and Blizzard as a entire. This romantic relationship, according to the Warcraft creator, signifies they ought to have complete legal rights to the title.

They also argue that Valve “has never used the mark DOTA in connection with any merchandise or service that at the moment is available to the public.” Due to the fact of this, they feel that their working title, DOTA two, is an attempt to take that relationship away from Blizzard, which they claim would develop disastrous results for the business. It is, nonetheless, correct that Valve filed a trademark claim a couple a long time ago to register the DOTA title for their title. Blizzard claims that this trademark will generate confusion as to which business the title genuinely belongs to (sound familiar to anyone?).

The explanation why video games this kind of as League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth have managed to steer clear of catching the identical fire is probably because they don’t use the name DOTA in their titles. Nonetheless, in Valve’s case, they are exclusively making a immediate sequel to the traditional mod, title and all, which is what has Blizzard’s collective panties in a bunch.

So the query at the end of the day is such: who has the real rights to the name DOTA? Does anybody have a right to it at all? That is for the courts to determine regrettably, and the decision could most likely go either way. The two titles are searching to be great so far, and for a thing like this to abruptly pop up could generate a worse sh*tstorm than if the dispute never popped up in the initial location.

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