Celebrities When They Were Young

Despite the fact that it doesn’t appear like it, everybody was young once. Yes, even your favorite celebrity. Right here are 31 celebrities when they had been much younger than they are now.

When Martha Stewart was 20

When Ian McKellen was 24

When Helen Mirren was 25

When Beyonce was born

When Hugh Hefner was 20

When George Clooney was 15

When Bruce Willis was 17

When Steven Tyler was 18

When Charlize Theron was 14

When Sean Connery was 23

When Dr. Dre was 21

When Larry David was 20

When Ryan Seacrest was 13

When Clint Eastwood was 26

When Jamie Foxx was 17

When Steve Carrell was 22

When Harrison Ford was born

When Billy Corgan was 14

When Drew Carrey was 22

When Christopher Walken was 22

When Eminem was 16

When Jack Nicholson was 30

When Michael Stipe was 21

When Nancy Pelosi was 17

When James Lipton was 27

When William Shatner was 24

When Chuck Norris was 27

When Alex Trebek was 44

When Rupert Murdoch was a small boy

When Steve Jobs was 18

When Stephen Colbert was 22

A Minotaur in the Metropolis.

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