How to Install Incompatible Android Apps from Google Play


Some Android apps on Google Play claim to be incompatible with various devices. There’s a great possibility that these apps will run fine on numerous of these gadgets – you can bypass this verify with root access.

Some apps will not actually perform right after you install them, but numerous will. This also solves troubles with games that will set up but refuse to play – for instance, Gameloft video games with the “this gadget is incompatible” message.


To carry out this hack, you will want to root your Android smartphone or tablet. Right after you do, you must set up ES File Explorer from Google Play.

Editing Create.prop

The build.prop file is made up of a handful of strings (bits of text) that determine your device model. If you edit this file, Google Play and other apps will assume you’re making use of a different device than you in fact are. Be really cautious when editing this file – we’ll just be editing a handful of small elements of it. If you edit other elements, you could cause significant troubles with your device.

Initial, launch the ES File Explorer app. Open its Settings screen and allow the Root Explorer and Mount File Program options. You may also want to allow the Up to Root alternative on this screen, so you can very easily tap the Up button and navigate to your root directory.

Navigate to the /program/ directory on your gadget and find the create.prop file.

You must develop a copy of the unique create.prop file elsewhere – prolonged-press on it, choose Copy, and then Paste it into one more folder – say, your /sdcard/ folder.

Now you are ready to edit the file. Prolonged-press it, choose Open As, decide on Text, and decide on the ES Note Editor app.

Search for the ro.product.model and ro.solution.manufacturer lines. These are the essential ones.

Change these lines to pretend your device is an additional model. For instance, to imitate a Nexus S, use these lines:

  • ro.item.model = Nexus S
  • ro.item.producer = samsung

After producing this adjust, tap the menu button and choose Save.

Last Actions

Go into the Settings display screen, select Applications, decide on Manage Applications, tap the All category, and select the Google Play app. Clear its cache and information, and then restart your gadget

Open Google Play and you really should be in a position to download apps that claim they are not compatible with your device. Games that detect your gadget ought to also perform, also – Gameloft games appear to be especially guilty of this. Some apps may possibly still not set up or operate with your gadget for other causes — for instance, Google Chrome won’t function on pre-Android four. gadgets, and some apps could be restricted to specific nations.

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