Turbine LCD Watch

Turbine LCD Watch

There are a ton of watches with really cool styles, but I doubt you’ll discover one particular that resembles the Turbine LCD watch. It is not really tough to figure out wherever the concept or inspiration for the observe was derived: turbines, of program.

The watch doesn’t genuinely have a turbine that’s perpetually turning however. Instead, it’s been fitted with LED lights that blink and light up to give the illusion that there is an actual turbine on it. Sounds rather wonderful, right?

NASA Turbine LCD Watch

Considering that it’s mainly a observe design and style, of course you’d be curious as to how you can study the time off of the watch. Designer Peter from the UK explains:

When the Knob is pressed briefly the time scrolls across the leading of the show and would stay on for 10-15 sec’s. When the knob is double pressed the time and backlight are activated. When the knob is pressed and held just the backlight is activated for illuminated animation.

The Turbine LCD view is a exciting notion with a lot of opportunities and variations. It can be fitted with themed view casings and straps to suit your taste and preferences. For instance, there is a NASA-themed watch and a 1 that’s got the UK flag all above the observe.


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