Valiant’s “X-O Manowar” Is Like “Game Of Thrones” For The Sci-Fi Set

With solid story and art — as properly as slick packaging — Valiant’s X-O Manowar is poised to be that midway comic among the Massive Two and the independents that may well grab fans from each. The first problem characteristics a smartly-designed infographic (!) in the inside front cover to set the historical tone, and the battle in between the Visigoths and the Romans that opens the story is each convincing and swiftly paced. How do we get to a highly-developed suit of armor in the middle of 402 AD? Spoilers!

I could position this evaluation for readers familiar with the lengthy history of Valiant Comics, that unique publisher that launched in 1989, went on to create this kind of memorable comics as Magnus Robot Fighter, Shadowman, Archer &amp Armstrong, and the aforementioned X-O, and had a number of sea-alterations as the company fell into various hands. But as loyal as that fanbase is, I do not feel they alone are going to be sufficient to place this recent run of “rebooted” titles to the top of the charts.*

And I do not believe the new Valiant thinks that way either. As a substitute of resting on the laurels of an older brand, advanced high quality is evidenced in everything about X-O Manowar #one: such as the writing, art, coloring, even the trade-dress and emblem (thanks to noted designer Rian Hughes). But that’s the type of substantial bar set for talent that was the calling-card of most of the earlier Valiant incarnations, and what offered them with the conceit goal of becoming the publisher closest to becoming Number 3 to the Massive Two.

Writer Robert Venditti has crafted a period piece that is obviously truly nicely-researched, the result being naturalistic dialogue and a believability that stands up to the eventual sci-fi components that actually sneak in. Cary Nord is an artist’s artist, utilizing actual skills of illustration and dramatic composition. Mixed with inker Stefano Gaudiano and colorist Moose Baumann, we have some thing a lot a lot more along the lines of cinema (or, in the situation of “Game of Thrones,” premium cable) storytelling than some of the jumbled mish-mosh of crowded panels and limbs and guns and laser effects all over the place that some comics present as “awesome.”

Why cannot high quality be awesome? That is a question authentic Valiant co-founder Jim Shooter asked back in ’89. I firmly think good quality can be cool. I believe that if you take the time to thoughtfully place together a new line of comics, the readers will respond. And if you are craving something on the adventure level of DC/Marvel but in the marketplace for one thing new, a book like X-O Manowar could open you up to a whole new universe to adhere to.

*As for people aforementioned fans of the authentic Valiant: this is far a lot more VH1 (not to be puzzled with the great music network) than VH2. You know what I mean (secret handshake).**

** Yeah, I totally worked for the VH2 comics back in the day, total disclosure. Bring back Trinity Angels.

X-O Manowar #one is out now.

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