Witness the ‘Birth of the Blade’ In These New ‘ThunderCats’ Clips!

“From the death of a star, the ultimate weapon shall be born.”

Uncover out how the Sword of Plundarr relates to the Sword of Omens on this week’s episode of “ThunderCats,” airing Saturday May twelve at 9:30am ET/PT on Cartoon Network

ThunderCats Season 1, Ep. 21 ‘Birth of the Blade’ Clip 1

ThunderCats Season 1, Ep. 21 ‘Birth of the Blade’ Clip 2

As Lion-O and Pumyra consider to evade Mumm-Ra and his forces in the mines of Mount Plundarr in an effort to keep the Sword of Plundarr out his hands, we flash back in time and learn its origin…and its partnership with the Sword of Omens.

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